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Lee Berrill
Pickford Kenny williams holgate literally anybody with a left foot ever Rooney gana Walcott sigurdsson bolasie Tosu… https://t.co/1VD8ikzmUE
Chris Dolby
@LivEchoEFC Tom Davies. Every week. Energy and on the front foot. Gana holding and I think Davy deserves minutes no… https://t.co/8PLmvM9BjQ
Vanessa A. Lopez.✨
I knew it was gana be a bad day from the moment my blow dryer fell from it's hook on my foot out of no where in the morning.
craig lawton
@THT1878 @TheRobVera @MattJFootball McCarthy and gana doesn't work they both do the same job. We need a player who… https://t.co/AS2CkGLXUy
Shaun Gosney
@NickToye @nsno Gana & Rooney put their foot in, but their inability to pass to a guy in a blue shirt is woeful. Sc… https://t.co/hZO1d8KVYx
Foot, Europe, Programme : Choc Tottenham vs Everton, avec le retour de Gana Guèye #wiwsport #Sénégal https://t.co/QChUCquB3c
Foot, Europe, Programme – Choc Tottenham vs Everton, avec le retour de Gana G #Choc #Football #Programme Actualités https://t.co/LYoAC75AKy


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