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#lrt Cybersix >>>>>>>>> A monumental show that mos def influenced how I (unconsciously) saw and understood gender as a kid
Ada "no I'm not Igbo" Onobu
@AdventuresOfAda cybersix
King Catto
@fursonalities The last time I really sat down hard to get work done I was watching Cybersix, so I guess I prefer E… https://t.co/Q2ZZfiHkk5
Ava Miranda
Cybersix might be good y’all
Ava Miranda
Me and the gf are watching Cybersix, and i gotta say the characters are instantly likable
@telecom_anime Will there ever be more of the Cybersix series? is there a way to get a petition started for it?
Cold Kitsune Ailesha Who Needs Warm Hugs ⚧⚢☭🏴
@lrpage0 @ExistentialEnso - Cybersix & Ranma 1/2 explored genderqueer aspects - Sailor Moon explored lesbian relat… https://t.co/VbXE8hct1H
Solid Snake
Cybersix Opening https://t.co/cWUvzAo0pv via @YouTube - What I never understood was, why did she have to pretend to be a guy? 🤔
@tunayo Yoo, I love this piece as a huge fan of the show! Cybersix was one of those early shows that gave me huge g… https://t.co/y1CDdgYscD
tuna 🐟
The finished Cybersix piece!! Print comin for VanCAF https://t.co/pEZgx8VsAQ
@autusgo @netflix @resistearchivo Telefe tiene digitalizados solo DOS capítulos de Cybersix en su sistema, los vi r… https://t.co/VQ5UA9krei
Mercedes García
@autusgo @netflix @resistearchivo 😱 Cybersix!!!
Chivo Berrinches
Para cuando en @Netflix las temporadas completas de Boro Boro y Cybersix? cc @resistearchivo
Tyson McGee
Oh, and Cybersix was badass too.
Kyle Tonarella
Thanks to @amandawtwong for reminding me of the awesomeness of CyberSix https://t.co/XLdicvGqaM
the good stuff (tm)
@zawehzawah OMG DUDE!!! I just realized!! Have you seen cybersix? U might like it!
Robin Gibson - MetalSnail.net
Its been a while since I shared something from my #sketchbook. I don't have much to say about this one except that… https://t.co/UXH5eloypi
Huge Grape
Started watching Cybersix. It's definitely a kids show but BANGS ON TABLE GENDERQUEER SUPERHERO WHO BROTHER IS A FU… https://t.co/ImZ1c3skGq
Jᴇssᴇ MᴄCʀᴇᴇ.
|| the bond between 90s kids from this country is held within cybersix songs
Aww I was gonna watch Cybersix last week and then ended up too busy 😞 Gonna try again this week.


1)るるるの歌 2)To you 3)怪盗ピンキー 4)日本スクイーズセンター 5)ゆーぽんスクイーズ 6)カズ ドラクエ 7)cybersix 8)なっち 9)東レ 10)葛西紀明 ハプニング 11)チーム8 12)女子トイレ 13)絶対に笑ってはいけない深夜 14)有賀さつき 死去 15)kozi 16)チーム8曲 17)オシッコ 18)久本雅美 番組欠席 19)JOCバレーボール 20)ヤキモチの答え 21)朝青龍を押し出したら1000万円 結果 22)名護市長選挙 結果 23)お銀 24)耳なめ 25)スーパーボウル 速報 26)櫻井翔 27)鈴木亜美 動画反響 28)mol53 29)ドラクエ 声 30)青木宣親 沖縄入り